May Reading Wish List

Rose Code is a war story that weaves elements of both power, strength and love that you wouldn’t typically expect, this spy thriller and historical fiction combined make it an enticing add to my TBR pile this month…to add a dash of spice between the covers…and the sheets, make this book your next gift for our date…and we can both experience some new thrills together…

An exciting blend of  the intricacies of transitioning from one phase of your life to another, Writers and Lovers paints a beautiful picture of words on a writer’s dreams,loves, challenges and everything in between, this is described as the portrait of the artist as a young woman,” to play on the classic male version for a refreshing and in depth look at a writer’s journey, which I would definitely enjoy getting lost in- and spellbound as I tell the tale!

The Beauty Of Living Twice by Sharon Stone takes an in depth look at the other side of the femme fatale and sex symbol popular to culture in many ways. It illustrates that there’s more to this ‘beauty’ than meets the eye…and shows the inner resilience and beauty that a ‘rose’ can have…thorns and all…

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