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Pittsburgh Date Ideas

Drinking & Dining in Pittsburgh

Bridges and Bourbon is a sexy cocktail bar right in the heart of Pittsburgh’s cultural district. Their innovative and modern cocktails are the perfect way to start an evening or end the night. One of their signature drinks, Fan the Flame, matches this redhead escort in Pittsburgh’s hair, so of course we’ll have to try!

Eleven Contemporary Kitchen has an exceptional wine list with staple dishes that change based on seasonality. Their staff is acclaimed as one of the most hospitable in Pittsburgh, the environment modern yet comfortable. We truly can’t go wrong having an upscale dinner here!


Pittsburgh Winery is an urban winery that’s located in Pittsburgh’s Strip District. Since they’re a boutique, urban winery, Pittsburgh Winery sources their grapes from California and Chile but does all the wine-making in Pittsburgh.

Their low-intervention methods of wine-making really let the premium fruit shine, and their vintners have studied with some of the best winemakers in California.

They have an entire line of wines that support women’s and children’s health throughout the city of Pittsburgh, so we should definitely support and leave with a bottle or 2 for later.

Live music, tastings, cheese, and charcuterie make for a great way to spend an afternoon!


Conversation, community, and culture is White Whale Bookstore’s tagline, and that sounds great to me! Not to mention the cute cafe inside that serves great coffee and snacks.

Let’s head out on the earlier side, grab some coffee, peruse the aisles, and then head to lunch at a nearby spot! Sounds like a great afternoon with your redhead escort in Pittsburgh, doesn’t it?

Thrive on Health has this great instructional class that teaches us how to take care of ourselves, one another, and those we care about!

We’ll learn the basics of massage along with some secret skills that the therapists have picked up during their tenure.

After the class we can either treat ourselves to a couple’s massage or some time in the infrared sauna!


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