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Reagan's Dream Destinations

Reagan is a passport ready travel companion & your personal date concierge.

Let her plan that dream destination date together and check off a bucket list item in style with lasting memories 😉

Packages available for Reagan’s Dream Destinations below or choose your own for an individual package with expenses covered by you as the client.

The English Rose Tour

Treat your English rose to her ‘homeland’ vacation and explore together on her virgin discovery tour 😉

New Zealand Fantasy Tour

Experience a unique tailor made getaway in this beautiful breathtaking land where more than one fantasy can come true with many bucket list items that are unique to this country- such as it being the first country to see the sun (let’s sip our coffee & watch the sunrise together!), stargazing in some the darkest parts of the skies for the clearest views, seeing the the Southern Lights, jet boat fishing, and, last but not least, sleeping in a hobbit hole or sharing a nightcap at the Green Dragon Tavern, the spot to be in the Shire which is the only place (on Middle Earth or otherwise) where you can drink an exclusive beer or cider made for the hobbits!

The Irish Rose Tour

Unearth the history and find the magical spots together with this rose- Kiss the Blarney stone if you want to explore your romantic/eloquent side and create a memory together- hopefully it comes in handy for our personal explorations later, so we are not left breathless…or speechless and can enjoy the promised gift of gab together 😉

Bahamas R&R Tour

Get some rest, relaxation & Reagan on your paradise island dream getaway and make this redhead experience bliss on our Bahamas experience, where it’s just the sand, the sun, the waves & each other 😉


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